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If you are looking to relocate to Australia for business, work or personal reasons, or are seeking to recruit international staff, you need to first satisfy a range of complex legal requirements.

Our specialist immigration lawyers are highly skilled at devising successful migration strategies for:

  • business and entrepreneurial clients (including high net worth individuals and start-ups)
  • individuals with complex personal circumstances, and strong familial ties to Australia
  • local businesses seeking to attract key skilled foreign employees

Our team prides itself in providing high quality, reliable advice and devising migration strategies and solutions that succeed. We can assist you with specialist advice in any of the following areas:

  • Business Migration
  • Citizenship
  • Complex Migration Matters
  • Corporate/Employer Sponsored Migration
  • Family and Personal Migration
  • Reviews and Appeals

Don’t leave your future in Australia to chance. Make an appointment to speak to one of our specialist Immigration Lawyers today.

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Business Migration

Individuals with superior entrepreneurial talent, or high net worth individuals with significant funds to invest in Australia, may be eligible for a permanent or provisional-to-permanent Australian visa.

The requirements for business migration are complex and varied depending on the visa you are applying for. It is therefore essential that you have reliable, specialised advice in respect of your eligibility, taking into account the finer details of your personal and business background and circumstances.

Diamond Conway Lawyers possess the expertise to assist you to navigate the complexities of business migration. To speak to our business migration experts, call us today on 02 9222 8000.


Are you an Australian permanent resident, or an Eligible New Zealand Citizen wanting to take out Australian citizenship?

Diamond Conway Lawyers is highly skilled at providing clear and reliable advice as to your eligibility for citizenship and navigating you through the application process.

Call us on 02 9222 8000 to find out more information on Australian citizenship.

Complex Migration Matters

Our specialists have extensive expertise in taking on complex migration matters. Here are examples of some of the complex migration matters we are skilled in dealing with:

  • Health problems
  • Character issues and criminal record
  • Regularisation of Status/Unlawful non-citizens
  • Detention, deportation and removal

Issues concerning the health and character of individuals and their family members are a fundamental consideration for all Australian visas and are often the basis of visa refusal or cancellation. Our Immigration Lawyers are highly skilled in assisting eligible individuals with significant health and character issues to remain in Australia or circumnavigate visa refusal or cancellation.

There are serious ramifications for individuals who overstay. Such people are considered unlawful non-citizens and may be subject to detention, deportation or removal from Australia. Our lawyers are skilled at devising strategies aimed at achieving lawful status and the opportunity to remain in Australia.

If you have a complex migration problem make an appointment to see one of our lawyers today by calling 02 9222 8000.

Corporate/Employer Sponsored Migration

Corporate/Employer Sponsored Migration Visas allow businesses to recruit and sponsor highly skilled international staff to work in Australia on temporary or permanent visas.

The nature of a business’s liabilities and obligations in relation to sponsored employees differs depending on whether the visa is a temporary or permanent one. Detailed and proactive advice addressing all possible contingencies is fundamental in protecting sponsoring businesses and employees alike.

Diamond Conway can advise you on the best corporate sponsor options to suit your needs, and help with the application process. Call us on 02 9222 8000 to find out more information on Corporate/Employer Sponsored Migration.

Family and Personal Migration

Individuals seeking to migrate to Australia on the basis of a particular personal attribute may be eligible for:

Family migration:on the basis of a familial relationship (spouse, parent, child or other relative). We can bring your family together in Australia by devising a suitable migration strategy to meet your personal goals.

Skilled migration:on the basis of personal skill, education, work experience, age and English language ability.

Refugee or Humanitarian migration: depending on personal circumstances, the risk of harm and location at time of application. With a comprehensive, working knowledge of both domestic and international law, and the rights of Asylum Seekers we carefully guide our clients through the complex application process to ensure the best chance of success. Most importantly, our immigration lawyers are passionate about protecting the rights of Asylum Seekers and ensuring that they get the best possible representation throughout the application process.

Individuals in Same Sex Relationships: same-sex couples have long been recognised under Australian Immigration Law. To include your partner in a visa application or to sponsor your partner to Australia, you must demonstrate that you satisfy the legal requirements for a de-facto relationship. Diamond Conway understands the various issues same-sex couples may face when looking to establish their lives together and can expertly guide you through this complex procedure.

A newer, but equally complex area of demand in immigration law is the right of same-sex couples to sponsor their children adopted from overseas. Our experienced team possesses expertise in child migration and the intricate legal requirements and cross-jurisdictional issues that arise under the ‘Adopted Child Visa.’ Additionally, as more couples seek out alternatives for having children overseas, it is important to plan ahead and fully understand the process involved in birth registrations and citizenship applications.

The unique circumstances affecting same-sex couples and families seeking to establish their lives in Australia may at first appear prohibitive to a successful outcome, but with our expert legal knowledge and proven track record in this area gives us the professional edge in devising strategies that succeed for our clients.

Reviews and Appeals

Visa refused or cancelled? You may be able to lodge an appeal or request a review of the decision.

Our specialists are highly skilled in dealing with all merits review applications before the Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal and Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We also provide representation and advice in respect of applications for review before the Courts.

Our team will not encourage proceedings where there is not a reasonable prospect of success, protecting you from costly and protracted proceedings and ensuring that you have a realistic appraisal of your situation. Strict time limits apply for appeals and reviews so if you are facing refusal or cancellation contact our experts today for more information by calling 02 9222 8000.

Code of Conduct

Diamond Conway follows the Migration Agents Registration Authority’s Code of Conduct for all immigration matters. CLICK HERE to connect to the MARA website for details.




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