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Phillip Meisner


Phillip Meisner

E: PhillipM@diamondconway.com.au

Phillip Meisner is the former Managing Partner of Diamond Conway, having held that position from 2006 until 2019.

Phillip has extensive experience in property, business law, estate administration and estate planning, and has acted in numerous commercial transactions throughout his career.

A reputable and renowned commercial lawyer of over 35 years, and the dynamic Managing Partner at the helm of Diamond Conway, Phillip has been responsible for ushering-in the Firm’s greatest period of growth.

A formidable advocate for his clients and excellent communicator, Phillip’s expertise, understanding of business and policy of accessibility has made him exceptionally popular with his clientele and all those dealing with him, and much admired and dedicated mentor to all of Diamond Conway’s professional staff.

Phillip’s practice sees him advising a broad spectrum of clients including: Retailers, General Manufacturers, Importers, Restaurateurs, Property Developers and the Liquor Industry, with a particular emphasis on Business Transactions, Revenue Matters, Leasing and Conveyancing.

Phillip also has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Estate Planning, with over 40 years’ experience assisting clients with wills, structuring testamentary trusts and implementing succession plans for effective long term planning. He has worked extensively in advising executors, trustees and beneficiaries of deceased estates and trusts including testamentary disputes.

Phillip was praised for the restructuring of a major restaurant group including shareholder agreements, transfers of assets and dealings with intellectual property and associated Tax and Stamp Duty implications.

He is passionate about the arts with a keen interest in amateur musical theatre, and a dedication to philanthropic endeavours and charity work.

Phillip’s qualifications include a B.A. LL.B. from the University of Sydney.