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Commercial and Business Law June 29, 2016

SurfStitch Group Limited

Diamond Conway is presently investigating a possible class action on behalf of shareholders against SurfStitch Group Limited.

Commercial and Business Law, Corporate Advisory November 9, 2016

Extension Of Consumer Protection Laws To Benefit Small Businesses

On 12 November 2016, the Australian Consumer Law (”ACL”) will be amended to extend the protections given to consumers there, to small businesses. It will apply to standard form contracts entered into on or after 12 November 2016 and also to standard form contracts which are renewed or varied after that date.

Family Law, Wills and Estates Law November 7, 2016

Family provision claims by grandchildren in NSW

Family Provisions claims made by grandchildren have no guarantee of success even where there has been some level of dependency on the grandparent. These claims are complex and expert advice is needed to assess whether there are any genuine prospects of succeeding.

Featured, Wills and Estates Law October 19, 2016


This paper provides a brief overview of the law and procedures in New South Wales relating to variation “cy-près ” of the provisions of a charitable trust where the charitable purpose has failed.

Wills and Estates Law September 29, 2016

Disposing of your assets before your death will not always defeat claims against your estate

This paper addresses situations where a court in NSW has the power to look to assets outside of the deceased’s estate in order to be able to make a Family Provision order .

Family Law January 11, 2016

Moving your children to another city? Check with your family lawyer first.

When a relationship breaks down, it can take its toll on everyone involved, and not just the former spouses. Sometimes, parents cannot agree, and find that going to Court is the only realistic option to resolve a dispute. Cases where the parties are unable to reach agreement usually involve one parent proposing to make a big change in the children’s lives.

Family Law October 12, 2015

Divorcing in Australia: All about Irretrievable breakdown and Separation

It was recently reported in the Canberra City News that a couple would divorce one another if the Federal Parliament was to pass any amendment to the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) recognizing marriage equality. However, it unlikely that this couple would be granted a divorce by the Family Court of Australia, and this article explains why that may be the case.

Family Law October 12, 2015

The Story of Mr K & Mr M: Why you need an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer

In a judgment delivered earlier this year, a Western Australian Family Law solicitor was ordered to repay $110,000 after it was determined that he had overcharged his client and had not kept proper time records.

Family Law October 12, 2015

The Relevance of Domestic Abuse in Family Law Matters

Domestic abuse has seen a great deal of attention in the news lately. In a 2007 study, the Australian Institute of Family Studies observed that domestic abuse is alleged in roughly 60% of the Family Law cases brought before the Courts.

Commercial and Business Law, Corporate Advisory September 7, 2015

“Orange” Is The New “Black”?

Thankfully, neither an orange nor the TV show “Orange is the new Black” has any relevance to this paper. The point of this paper is to consider the principles of finality, certainty and predictability in our legal system through a recent case study.