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Michael Schneider


Michael Schneider

E: MichaelS@diamondconway.com.au

Michael is the senior partner responsible for the firm’s response to our clients’ estate planning needs.

Michael’s practice over the last 15 years has focused exclusively on Estate Planning, which includes both personal and business succession planning and related fields.

Michael has developed a process that quickly identifies the relevant issues and, often using diagrams, he presents solutions that address the need in a way that client’s find easy to understand. His clients comment how unexpectedly easy the process proved to be, given the subject matter and the complexities involved.

When working with clients, Michael aims to ensure they appropriately address the three legacies i.e. financial, administrative and emotional.

He regularly works with clients with quite straight forward needs to those with very complex and challenging circumstances and requirements.

His expertise includes: Asset Protection for example, minimising the likelihood and the impact of a challenge to the estate and protecting adult children from attack by their former spouse seeking a part of the inheritance in Family Law Property dispute; Blended family issues such as, assisting clients balance the competing financial needs and expectations of a new spouse and children from a previous relationship; tax efficiency to ensure that the estate plan delivers the most tax effective outcome for beneficiaries; disabilities – addressing the needs of family members with disabilities due to, for example addiction, accident or illness; business succession, including the buy/sell agreement where there are two or more unrelated principals and family business or farm succession; superannuation focussing on building in the best strategies to maximise the available opportunities; and Trust control succession – ensuring the right people gain control of any trusts so that the assets they hold end up in the right hands.

Michael is also the Managing Director of myEstatePlan Pty Ltd, a company that offers online services to professionals, who are seeking to create, keep and maintain Estate Plans for their clients.